Broadcast Control Limiter


Be the Loudest, Clearest and Best Possible Sound on the Band

TCOM BCL406  – The Ultimate Stereo Tool FM Broadcast Ready Appliance  


The TCOM Broadcast Control Limiter system is a integrated fully computerised digital audio processor, FM broadcast analyser and streaming encoder, designed specifically for radio broadcasters that allows the station to replace the audio limiter and modulator units with just one very powerful unit.  With direct input into your broadcast output audio chain and Internet connection for streaming, the TCOM BCL can be commissioned into service in just a few minutes, with an immediate and powerful improvement noticeable to your listeners.

Software DSP powered by STEREO TOOL
Across Oceania region, TCOM has the exclusive distribution rights to Stereo Tool software by Thimeo Audio Technology B.V. This very powerful application has over 15 years of continued development and is always evolving with new features and functionality. TCOM has extensive experience and knowledge with Stereo Tool now for over 7 years with very successful and happy clients.

TCOM BCL406 Brochure

medical_inquiry_popup_150_clr_18630For FM broadcasters
+ Transmitter
+ Translators (off-air MPX in/out)
+ FM Re-broadcasters (off-air or stream feed L/R)
+ Single Frequency Network (SFN) Translator

Easily add an extremely powerful audio processor to a transmitter (or STL) with a composite input (optional AES); and the BCL will add:
– FM MPX Stereo Encoder
– FM RDS Encoder
(Your station Name on the listeners radio screen*, automatically swap frequencies radio receiver frequencies for translators*, push text from a file or remote system via RDS UECP, plus much much more)
– FM SCA Encoder (Sub-Carrier Audio provides additional audio channels**) when connected to your MPX transmission chain input!
– Single Frequency Networks (yes its possible on analogue) are possible now with correct design and planning.  The BCL406 currently supports 1 additional SFN translator.  Need more, then contact us, the possibility of the BCL406 powered by Stereo Tool are almost endless.

A Simple Example of an FM Station Implementation

BCL406 Example of Implementation

For AM broadcasters
Easily add an extremely powerful audio processor with Asymmetric limiting & clipping (Sound loud like national stations up to 140% plus*** ) & with suitable transmitter integration, add C-QUAM Multiplexer (Stereo Generator).

Important Features Include
Fully Windows GUI controlled either local or remote
Input Audio Declipper
PNR Noise & Hum
Natural Dynamics
FM Hiss remover
Multi-band Automatic Gain Control (AGC) with Side chain
Phasing error (AZIMUTH) correction
3 x Stereo enhancements
2 x 9 multi-band compressors/limiters highly configurable
Equaliser GUI adjusted
Several Bass booster modes including new True Bass
Lowpass and highpass filters
Final limiter without clipping
Extra loudness
FM pre-emphasis
FM stereo encoding
FM RDS encoding
FM ITU-R BS-412 limiter
FM ITU-R SM.1268 Stokkemask clipper
FM Composite clipper
FM Single-Sideband (SSB) stereo mode
FM transmitter audio synchronization
Change settings (sound) by time schedules!



Our offering brings the power of Stereo Tool to your radio station delivered in a 4RU piece of equipment, 7″ front TFT Stereo Tool display, 3″ front LED RF monitor display and comes complete with TCOM installation & support. We include our remote installation services with our solutions.

The TCOM BCL406 is powered by a high end CPU within a rack mount case with multiple fans, and is online and ready for transmission in under 20 seconds from power up.  All software features of Stereo Tool can be configured.  Features include a single MPX output and a mulitple AAC+ stream outputs. Includes cables for analogue Input Balanced XLR Left & Right, Output Balanced/Unbalanced XLR or BNC with MPX latency less than 200ms (varies due to the many ST settings), and importantly a high quality DAC/ADC providing a dynamic range of inputs & outputs > 100dB.

Options available for:
– Digital Input AES3
– Digital Input AoIP
– Digital Input AES67
– Digital Output AES3
– Digital Output AoIP
– Digital Output AES67
– Redundant AC Power Supply


New Pricing Packages now Available !

At TCOM we have heard you – we are proud to offer community stations  4 different pricing packages, with repayments as little as $330 per month with full 3 years warranty, 3 years support and HD streaming services included; plus at the end of the repayments YOU own the equipment.

Need more information, see our TCOM BCL 406 Brochure

Contact us now to discuss a demonstration of the TCOM BCL406 at your radio station.

Our live demonstration can be found on the demo page.

So why use the BCL?
The composite clipper of Stereo Tool can put up to 140% audio peaks in the left/right channel at 100% modulation than any other compressor on the market!***

The composite clipper provides Stereo Tool typically 3 dB more headroom for high frequencies than any other processor on the market.****

The incredibly intelligent audio de-clipper function corrects clipped audio that is squared off to make the source content sound louder. De-clipper works amazingly on uncompressed and compressed music content, even improving poor MP3 content.

The advanced clipper within Stereo Tool does not distort under even the most extreme of input due to the techniques of the de-clipper.

The final advanced clipper ensures that you do over over deviate your signal great than 75Khz at any time. Ditto!  Analogue limiters (and a lot of other DSP commercial limiters) will always over deviate your signal and cause interference in the FM band and breach your licence conditions.
(Recent testing by TCOM has found nearly every station, community and commercial is over deviating – why, they are not using a TCOM BCL)

Nearly all late model radios includes RDS functionality, allowing you to place your Station Name on the screen and add additional text, such as song playing, station promotions, temperature and sponsorship ads!

The TCOM BCL now includes fully integrated high quality FM broadcast analyser.  It features a LCD front screen to keep the senior techs happy that your going to air within deviation specification and for the younger engineers, a comprehensive GUI driven monitoring tool that allows you to comprehensively display RF levels, RF shoulders, deviation, MPX levels and RDS decoding.  You can even use it to check your other competitors for transmission compliance to your country regulatory standards!

The TCOM BCL now includes a high quality AAC+ (and MP3 but really you dont need that one) streaming client. No need for another box, the TCOM BCL406 does the lot!

The TCOM BCL operates on a global standard platform that ensures maintenance ability in the years ahead. Don’t get stuck with propriety hardware/software of competitors.  Your future tech heads will understand how to maintain this technology!

In summary:
Throw any audio at the TCOM BCL featuring STEREO TOOL and it improves it !!!

Contact TCOM today to find out more about the TCOM BCL.

*         Available on most modern quality vehicles and home FM radio receivers.

**       Easily add additional program channel to your existing broadcast transmission to allow the easy addition of revenues to your station

***     Up to 200% possible but must be carefully managed depending upon operational circumstances

****   With exception of the industry leader unit worth big $$$$$ that scratches up to Stereo Tool.