3WBC a proud new BCL406 owner

Whitehorse Boroondara FM Community Radio Incorporated has recently trialed the TCOM BCL406 and was so impressed with the units ability to fault find and vastly improve the quality of the FM and Streaming transmissions, 3WBC has decided to purchase outright.

3WBC broadcast engineer Max Chadwick was so impressed with the improvements and simplicity that the BCL provided the station, using the tools on the BCL and assistance from TCOM, we were able to identify and fix a problem in our transmission chain that has been their for years. With the help of the BCL, “We really sound live now and have that true base sound that was missing, said Max.  Station Manager, John Farmer, dared not send the unit back with one very happy Engineer.
(Well an Engineer’s allowed to have a win every now and again)

In addition, 3WBC’s Vice president Phil Edwards has engaged TCOM to test, design and propose the provision of Australian based streaming services supporting up to 5,000 concurrent streaming listeners.   “3WBC may at times be the only broadcaster covering national Australian Rules Football games and we need large, reliable streaming capability”, said Phil.  TCOM is assisting and this trial is working as expected.

Another happy customer of a TCOM Broadcast Control Limiter.

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